Ripple current rating capacitors

I highly recommend it, this little instrument will save you a lot of time and trouble if you regularly work on any type of switching power supply circuit.

Getting them out without damaging the motherboard being the major problem. I updated the question with a picture of the capacitor.

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If I go for the capacitor solution, is there a particular variant of uf 6. The original part may have labelling indicating the max.

Also, some types are specced as "Low ESR", these are preferred for use in any type of switching power supply. Obviously, the replacement should have similar dimensions as the original part, diameter and lead pitch being the most critical.

Reputable suppliers will have datasheets available for download, peruse and compare specs such as ESR the lower the bettermax. Выберите язык: Помогите перевести iFixit.

Xbox 360 inflated capacitor?

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