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16 Trade Fairs in Tanzania from September 2020

I am sure everybody would wish to attend. So, expect anything. As expected, different attendees took to the red carpet to take pictures that they would add to their memories album. However, one particular woman caught the attention of many.


Naseeb linked up again with Raheem of Sharobaro Records from where he recorded his first major hit, Nenda Kamwambie. The album is mushy, existential, soulful, with heart-tugging reflections. With the three hits — Kamwambie, Mbagala and Nitarejea — Naseeb, now known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz, harnessed the supple fluency of the local Kiswahili dialect and the poetic idioms of street slang to hog the limelight and introduce himself to the world.

Mhagama coined the term Bongo Flava as a distinctive buzzword for the yet-to-be-defined musical genre that arose after the advent of private radio stations in Tanzania in the mids. The online infractions saw the Wasafi Records founder Naseeb aka Diamond unwittingly pitted against his fellow star and erstwhile rival Ali Kiba. When Diamond started Wasafi around — the origins of which came in the midst of a fast-rising career — the Tanzanian music scene had hit a lull after the heydays of Matonya, Mr.

Nice and Ray C. His creative and business acumen seems to have chanced upon the realisation that the market yearned for a new sound and style. Director Diamond, as well as managers Babu Tale, Sallam SK, Said Fella, Joseph King, and producers Lizzer and Tuddy Thomas capitalised on the new sounds to feed a frenzied and ever-expanding fan base, while revitalising production wherever their music was heard.

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We launch Lightbox Jewelry, a new brand that uses laboratory-grown diamonds to create beautiful modern jewellery. We mark a first for the diamond industry by announcing the successful tracking of diamonds through our blockchain platform – the first of its kind in the world. Gemfair is launched.

Wiihamson Diamonds Ltd., Mwadui Mine, Tanzania kimberlites in Tanzania has been carried out in a more perovskite dating of m.y. (Bristow, ).

DOI: The sparkle and luster of gemstones has made them prized objects for thousands of years. Gems are valued for their color, luster, transparency, durability and high value-to-volume ratio. Because many gems are produced from relatively small, low-cost operations in remote regions of developing countries, it is difficult to obtain accurate statistics regarding their production and value.

Figure 1. A diamond in the rough is still attached to the host rock, called kimberlite, that brought it to the surface in South Africa, but it formed deep in the Earth millions to billions of years ago. Gemstones of all types are rare, and therefore valuable, because their formation requires a highly unusual set of geological circumstances. Earth scientists value the information that gemstones can impart about the inner workings of the planet.

Although synthetic forms of many gems now exist, they have yet to have a serious impact on the international gemstone market. Part of the reason that gemstones reach such high values is their rarity.

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Tanzanian Bongo superstar Naseeb Abdul popularly known as Diamond Platnumz has confirmed that he has moved on five months after breaking up with Tanasha Donna with whom they share a son. Through an interacting social gathering, the Baba Lao hit maker made the revelations that he is not single, as he is currently seeing someone with whom he plans to settle down with. He further intimated that he turned 30 years hence focusing on settling down as he no longer has time for dating.

Sisi wengine sasa hivi hatutaki mahusiano, tunataka tuoe.

The government of Tanzania paid Saniniu Laizer nearly million The diamond was found by UK mining company Gem Diamonds and.

Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack born 2 October , popularly known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz , is a Tanzanian bongo flava recording artist, actor, dancer, philanthropist and a businessman from Tandale , Dar es Salaam. Diamond Platnumz is considered influential among his fans, and is said to be the most loved and decorated artiste in East and Central Africa at the moment.

Diamond is a Muslim. With his former partner, South African based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan , [8] he has two children. He received several allegations that him and his allies are undermining other artists is issues like YouTube views claiming that he’s hacking them not to increase. The Pepsi Management in Tanzania, unveiled Diamond Platnumz as the entrusted individual to promote their brand within East Africa and increase sales [15].

On 13 September , Diamond platnumz started working officially with Parimatch Africa as their Brand Ambassador [16].

The Mwadui Diamond Pipe — Tanzania

Diamonds Star of the East P. Box Nungwi Road, Zanzibar Tanzania www. This project was conceived with the desire to create an ideal space to escape from everyday life. The colours of the spices of Zanzibar have inspired the architect, Dr.

Garnets from the Williamson diamond mine are cm sized megacrysts. More than kimberlite pipes and clusters have been found in Tanzania up to date.

Exhibition calendar with 16 trade fairs from September in Tanzania sorted by exhibition date. Most trade fairs in Tanzania take place in Dar es Salaam with 15 trade fairs. Reset to default. Hotel search. Fair search. Single Room Double Room. September Solar Africa Tanzania International Trade Exhibition on solar power and concentrated photovoltaic systems. October March Buildexpo Africa International trade fair for building, interior decoration, furniture.

Lightexpo Africa International Trade Exhibition on residential, commercial and industrial lighting and accessories. April Medexpo Tanzania Trade fair for medical devices.

Diamond Platnumz moves on, five months after leaving Tanasha

Diamond Platinumz is dating again. In an interactive social gathering, the father of four said he is ready to settle down yet again and looks forward to tying the knot with the mysterious woman he is dating at the moment. The two parted ways in March over irreconcilable differences and Diamond kept his personal life private. He had earlier said he planned to marry Tanasha Donna. Diamond added that he will be turning 31 years and by then, he would not want to be termed as the man who has a growing collection of mistresses.

Diamond dating and ready to marry.

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He is popularly known by his stage name Diamond platnums or simply diamond. Nasibu is currently considered the most influential artist in the country and the Great Lakes Africa sub region. But becoming the highest earning musical artist in the African Great Lakes region was no easy task. Raised in Tandale by a single mother and grandmother, Nasib was faced with very challenging and humble beginnings.

Due to financial constraints and a passion for music from a tender age, after completing his Secondary education in , Nasib found himself struggling to raise money for studio sessions and providing for his single mother and grandmother. He went from freelance photographer to selling second hand clothing to gaslling station attendant. The song was not an immediate hit but it opened doors for him and marked the beginning of his journey as a bongo flava artist.

Security Coming to the show? Don’t miss a moment. Head down early. Enhanced security is in place.

Diamond Platnumz – Niache (Official Audio)